Bus bar support

for 100 and 185mm systems

  • snap on bus bar support mounting
  • bus bar rail width of 30—120 mm (185mm system)
  • bus bar rail width of 30—60 mm (100mm system)
  • bus bar rail thickness: 10 mm

Technical data

rated operating voltage 1000V AC
rated insulation voltage2000V AC
rated frequency50Hz
flame behavior Nach UL 94 V40
resistance to leakage currentCTI 600
continuous operation temperature150°
filament firmness 960°

Price list

100mm bus bar carrier 3 pole 18 81000,36114,75
185mm bus bar carrier 3 pole18 81010,54118,85
bus bar carrier 1pol.18 81020,20113,90
100mm end covering 3pol.18 81030,0716,41
185mm end covering 3pol.18 81040,1218,58