Three-phase meter N Series

with MID authentication for effect and reactive energy installation dimension 4TE

  • Digital three-phase meter up to 80A direct measurement
  • Digital three-phase transformer also for 5A 
  • Display of active and reactive energy, current active and reactive power (consumption and supply)
  • Adjustable (unlimited changeable) converter ratio
  • Double tariff meter HT/NT with tariff switching input
  • S0-output for active and reactive energy
  • Optional extension through communication modules
  • Accuracy: active energy B (cl. 1), reactive energy A (cl. 2)
  • Made in EU,with EU wide valid MID certification
  • Communication modules mountable side by side (KNX, M-Bus, MOD-Bus, LAN, SD-Card, eVision)

Alternating current counter

with MID certification for active energy assembly dimension 1TE

  • Electronic single-phase AC counter up to 32 A direct measurement
  • Display of active energy and current active power (consumption and supply)
  • Accuracy: Active energy B (cl. 1)
  • 230V AC, 5(32)A, 50Hz
  • S0 interface for active energy
  • Made in the EU, with MID certification valid throughout the EU
  • Communication modules mountable side by side (KNX, M-Bus, MOD-Bus, LAN, SD-Card, eVision)

Price list

KE-N/5 Transformer measurement4 TE19 55500,3153,33
KE-N80 Direct measurement4 TE19 55510,4153,33
KE-W32 M, Alternating current counter Direct measurement1 TE19 56510,255,24
Communication modules
M-bus module1 TE19 55800,1 141,67
MOD-bus module RTU module1 TE19 55810,1158,33
LAN-bus gateway module1 TE19 55820,1175,00
KNX module1 TE19 55830,1165,00
SD card module (data logger)1 TE19 55840,1108,00
Power pack for SD card module1 TE19 55850,121,50
eVision module with embedded web app1 TE19 55860,1195,00

LAN server Modbus/TCP data concentrator

Performance characteristics
All data can be transferred via LAN/WLAN/internet using an HTTP interface in a web browser.

  • Device coupler via Modbus (RTU)
  • Data is transferred globally using the TCP/IP protocol
  • Maximum 31 measuring instruments via Modbus
  • Two gigabytes of memory are installed
  • Only 4 TE wide (72 mm)

Technical data

LAN server modbus / TCP
Memory2 GB internal
LAN HW interfaceRJ 45
LAN SW protocolTCP / IP
LAN baud rate10 / 100 Mbit/s 
Protocols at application level HTTP - FTP modbus / TCP
Interface to instrumentsRS 485
HW interface2-wire, shielded
SW protocol Modbus RTU und ASCII
Measuring instruments directly connectable 31
DIN housing units 4
According to general standardsEN 60950
Data acc. to IEE 802.3 AS, IEC 60950 EN 61000-6-2, EN61000-4-2yes

LAN server€/pc.
Modbus   19 57010,311599,00