Top-level expertise

Our technical solutions enjoy international prestige and mark us out as a technology leader in all aspects of fuse system components.

The patented OEFI is a very reliable state of the art visual indicator signaling fuse failure. The blown fuse is immediately identifiable and remedial action for instantaneous reclosing can be taken.

The plug-in system with extractable fuse holders ensures continuous optimum contact pressure. Screw cap designs which can get loose, contribute to an avoidable dissipation loss of up to 10VA.

A quick fuse swap is possible since no cumbersome screwing-on is involved.

“plug-in and reclose” Additionally, operator safety is enhanced. The fuse plug being extractable, physical contact with the fuse,which could have a temperature of 100° C is averted.

Our TYTAN® – Main protection switch has the capability of transmitting a floating signal via a relay contact. This is in addition to the visual opto- electronic function. Consequently fuse failure can be reliably identified and reported.



Application example
With main protection, fuse failures are evaluated via a relay system. This makes it possible to distinguish between overloads and short circuits for motor protection. Overload failures due, for example, to material jams can be rectified by non-professionals.

An expert is only needed in the event of short circuit failures. This separate notification enables cost savings in service.

Innovation – Safety plug with power measurement 

  • Super fast power rating by inserting the power measurement plug
  • Min.- / Max.- and average value available
  • Can be retrofitted in all TYTAN ® R D0 rider