TYTAN® R Main protection

TYTAN® R Main protection with fuse and temperature control

TYTAN® – Main protection switch indicates fuse breaks and has the capability of transmitting a floating signal via an RJ-connection cable on the external relay. A dangerous overheating of the fuse switch can be reliably identified and reported.


The serial interface on each relay has a floating signal via a relay contact. For collective disturbance monitoring it is possible to put 12 fuse switches together.

  • flashing indicator 
  • safety switch
  • width 36mm
  • lockable

Price list

400V~, D0:2…63A; 10x38: 2…32A
TYTAN RH1 3-pole10 67010,402100,25
TYTAN RH1 3-pole+N (pre-/post lagging phase)10 67020,402112,53
500V~, 10x38: 2…25A
TYTAN RH1 3-pole10 67310,402100,25
TYTAN RH1 3-pole+N (pre-/post lagging phase)10 67320,40 2112,53
Main protection – relay module HR11; 3 switch contacts (reports:blown fuse, excess temperature, on/off)10 37110,12 146,09
Main protection – relay module HR12; 2 switch contacts (reports:blown fuse, excess temperature)10 37120,12145,83
Main protection – relay module HR13; 1 switch contacts (reports:blown fuse, excess temperature)10 37130,12142,51
RJ-connection cable 200 mm10 37300,0111,99
RJ-connection cable 500 mm10 37310,0111,99
RJ-connection cable 1000 mm10 37320,0112,59
Further lengths on request
Power Supply 100-240V AC/24V DC 10W 10 37000,10131,75
Power Supply 100-240V AC/24V DC 30W10 37010,25149,09